How can I clean my mattress?

In addition to the “home-made” impurities, the mattress is one of the places in the bedroom where dust mites are usually very comfortable and can be found in large numbers. With suitable protective measures, good care and regular cleaning of the mattress, however, one can largely master the unwanted roommates, which is especially important for the well-being of allergy sufferers.

Wash mattress cover

If your mattress has a removable cover that can be washed, you can easily separate it from the core. You can usually find out how the textile material of the cover can be cared for using a label with care symbols on the cover.

Do you have a very large, one-piece mattress (from 140 cm wide) or a sleeping pad with a very thick cover, it usually results in a higher weight (especially when wet). For this reason, cleaning in a standard household washing machine is not recommended, even if the cover may be somehow dry in the drum of the machine can accommodate.

Clean complete mattress

Especially for mattresses, where the cover cannot be removed, the housewife asks him what he can do to make these mattresses really clean. Basically, it can be stated at this point that it is not really recommended to touch a mattress with high humidity. The moisture penetrates through the cover into the core of the mattress. If the mattress does not dry out properly, it creates a perfect habitat for dust mites and a basis for a possible formation of mold. The use of the now very popular steam cleaner can bring too much moisture inside the mattress, so you should be very careful when using such a device.

If the mattress has become too damp when cleaning, put it upright to dry and do not put it back in bed until it is completely dry (see also: Ventilation of the mattress). Looking for bed for sale, do not miss to visit our site.

Even with dry cleaning, you can do something good for your mattress. All you need is soda (sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or soda, part of classic baking soda). For mattress cleaning, the soda powder is simply sprinkled evenly on the mattress. Then simply let it work for several hours before the powder is very carefully removed at low power with the vacuum cleaner from the mattress.